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2oz. (60g) Dual Shield™ Stand Up Zip Pouches

Dimension: Width x Gusset x Height
INCH: 4" (W) x 2.375" (G) x 6.625" (H)
MILLIMETER: 100mm (W) x 60mm (G) x 170mm (H)
Item # Available Colors
DS2ZAC Arctic Arctic
DS2ZCO Coral Coral
DS2ZGD Gold Gold
DS2ZLV Lavender Lavender
DS2ZMP Maple Maple
DS2ZMT Mint Mint
Material Structure
Dual Shield
Material Side 1:

Material Side 2:
Total Thickness: 4 mil (102u)
Please note that all weight & bag sizes are only estimate and based on coffee weight. Samples are available upon request.
Weight/Capacity is based on coffee product. It may not necessarily match to fit other products. Please request a sample to ensure a better fit.
Photos appearing on this website may not be an accurate depiction of the actual color. Contact us to request for a free sample.

Please note that because our natural kraft paper is not dyed, colored or bleached that there will be variations in both texture and color. Be assured the the difference is only in appearance while the weight and quality remain unaffected.

2oz. (60g) Dual Shield™ Stand Up Zip Pouches
4oz. (110g) Dual-Shield™ Stand-Up Pouches
8oz. (225g) Dual-Shield™ Stand-Up Pouches
12oz. (340g) Dual-Shield™ Stand-Up Pouches
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