Coffee Packaging

If coffee bags are what you?re looking for, then you came to the right place. Pack Plus offers perhaps, the most extensive line of packaging products dedicated to coffee in the industry today. Bags ranging from 1oz up to 40 lb size can be found here with the all-important one-way degassing valve option.

  • The top selling side-gusseted foil bags are offered with the most color choices and sizes! Coffee packaged in foil material ensures that freshly roasted coffee is protected from UV light, oxygen and moisture.
  • A lot of our bags come with unique features like our side-seal and quad-seal styles which allows for easy label or valve application on the back panels.
  • Our stand-up pouches comes standard with a tear-notch for easy opening while ones with built-in zip locks allow customers to re-close the bag after each use. Stand-up pouches are also available with a window or a complete clear panel so you can show your quality beans!
  • Get a custom look with our Aroma patterned line available in our most popular retail sizes. These bags come pre-printed with a steaming cup design in bright colors to suit every customer.
  • Fractional/pillow packs or frac-packs for short come standard with a tear notch in a metallized film material. Ideal for ground coffee or powdered mixes that gets packed in boxes for delivery to restaurants, shops and offices.
  • Tin tie paper bags remain to be a staple at coffee shops for everyday use. You can grind whole bean coffee for customers and hand them in these bags to take home. Convenient tin tie feature secures contents until coffee can be transferred to an air tight container at home. This can also be used for other confectionery products like cookies, biscottis, and other pastries that you might offer at your coffee shop.

Bags that best suit coffee packaging

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