We are committed to introducing innovative and valuable ideas that will help our customers market their products and grow with the expanding market. Each of the following services were created based on our years of experience in the coffee industry and are designed to enhance product presentation and usability.

Label Printing & Application

Labels are a great way to brand any of our stock bags and label projects have never been easier with our printing and application services. With both digital and flexographic capabilities, our skilled sales team will help determine the best solution for you based on your specific needs. High-quality labels can be provided in as little as one week, ensuring a full stock of labelled bags when you need them. Donít get caught hand applying labels! Our automatic label application machines are designed to apply labels quickly, efficiently and accurately, saving precious time and money.

Tin Tie Application

The ability to reseal bags after they have been opened is a great selling point to many consumers. Tin ties add this convenient feature as well as create a uniform look for each bag by allowing you to roll down the bags to form a consistent size and shape. Automatic machine application ensures that the location is standardized on each bag.

Hang Hole Application

Round or butterfly hang hole application is available to help expand shelf presence in limited spaces. The addition of this feature makes any of our items impulse, point-of-sale and end-cap ready. This space-saving technique has been used for many years and is still just as effective.

Hot Stamping

One of the fastest growing trends in customizing stock bags is hot stamping. The ability to apply custom images or text to our inventory items has given customers a way to attractively enhance the look of their packages without committing to the minimum quantities required for fully printed projects. Our affordable plate charges and low minimums make this a great printing alternative!

Valve Application

When packaging freshly roasted coffee in any of our air-tight, heat-sealable packaging options, valve application is essential. After coffee is roasted, it releases gas and if it is packaged while it is still emitting carbon dioxide, the bag will expand and potentially burst from the internal pressure. The valve will allow the gases from inside the bag to escape without inhibiting shelf life by letting oxygen back in.