Along with our wide selection of packaging options that are offered in stock, complete customization of your package is also available. We take your unique ideas and bring them to life through our high-quality rotogravure printing process. With 8-color presses, designs and graphics are printed with greater precision and sharpness and our matte/glossy options give you almost endless possibilities by incorporating texture and depth. Our custom manufacturing capabilities allow us to modify sizes and shapes as well as integrate various applications including zippers, perforations, tear notches, hang holes and handles.

Our in-house graphics department is available to assist with any custom artwork submissions. They will evaluate each design to ensure compatibility with our rotogravure presses - from font sizes/styles to color choices that will result in the clearest print possible. Their extensive knowledge of our printing process and capabilities allow them to provide valuable advice regarding any issues or improvements. Both our sales and artwork teams are available every step of the way to answer any questions you might have.

  • Chrome and copper plated cylinders are etched with a recessed image of your completed design resulting in an extremely clear and vivid print.
  • Along with being competitively priced, Pack Plus will also cover a portion of your cylinder charges to help absorb some of the sometimes burdensome start-up fees.
  • Eight color presses allow for almost endless artwork options. Coupled with our ability to incorporate both glossy and matte finishes, you are able to create the ultimate package.
  • Our experienced graphic designers are available to provide consultations regarding design compatibility.
  • A thorough proofing process ensures that each aspect of your project is checked and double-checked prior to mass production. Digital and physical proofs are provided for you to verify size, style, layout, text and color.

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