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Tin Tie Application

Since starting in the flexible packaging industry, we've noticed that one of the main concerns customers have had with gusseted bags is that there is no way to reseal them. Until now! Tin ties are available in 5 different colors (Black, White, Gold, Silver, Red) all of which can be automatically applied at our facility.

The ability to reseal bags after they have been opened is a great selling point to many consumers. Tin ties add this convenient feature as well as create a uniform look for each bag by allowing you to roll down the bags to form a consistent size and shape. Automatic machine application ensures that the location is standardized on each bag.


We apply your Tin Tie for you

Simply choose and order any of our side-gusseted bags starting with our 6-10oz up to 2lb size and select the color tin ties you want to use. Based on the chart on the right, we will place the tin ties on these standard locations unless you want them placed on a different spot, for instance, on the back panel. You may also choose to place the tin ties closer to the top or lower it down on the bag. When submitting custom locations, please be sure to measure the distance from the top edge of the bag to the top edge of the tin tie. This will ensure that we place the tin ties accurately. Tin ties will be attached by an automatic applicator machine making them more pr?cised than manual application (keep in mind that as for all machines, a minimal 1mm shifting can be expected). Please note that a small fee will be charged for this service. Contact your sales representative today for more details.

Standard Tin Tie Location

Gusseted bag location

Size Location Tin Tie Lenght
4 oz 1" 4.75"
8 oz 1" 4.75"
8 oz square btm 1" 5.5"
12 oz 1" 4.75" or 5.5"
16 oz 1" 4.75" or 5.5"
16 oz extra long 1" 4.75" or 5.5"
16 oz square btm 1" 5.5"
2 LB 1.25" 7"
5 LB 1.5" 9.5"

Tin Tie Benefits

  • To create an uniform, clean look up top
  • Allows end-users to re-close bag after each use
  • Hides the heat-sealed area for a nice presentation on the shelf
  • Rolling down the bag with tin ties lets customer know how much product is left and when to buy more
  • Secure closure makes it easy to transport bag from one location to the next
  • Allows customers to open bag on site to grind whole bean coffee and replace ground coffee on same bag with tin ties providing closure
  • Choice of 4 colors: Gold, Silver, Black and White - to match or create contrast with your bag

Tin Tie Application