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Label Printing

Labels are just as important as packaging. Without it, no one will know what product is inside or who made the product. Whether you like the labels to be large or small, colorful or simple, you need to make sure that your labels represent you well. As simple as it may seem, creating a design for your product labels could mean deciding on the font style and size to use, number of colors, logo or a character and even how much text/copy to include. Naturally, you need to have your company information along with information on the product. Some may also include a story or if the label is for coffee or tea product, brewing instructions--information most customers appreciate. Convey a strong brand image through your labels. Make them unique and memorable so they stand out from the rest.


If you do not have labels yet, Pack Plus now offers custom printing of labels. To get a quick quote, simply provide us with the following:

1.   Label size (width x height)

2.   Label shape (square or round edges, custom shape)

3.   Type of adhesive: permanent or removable

4.   Number of colors of your logo/design

5.   Quantity per label if more than one

6.   Any other special request



Label Printing